To add a ClustrMap to your blog all you need to do is go to the website. Then type in your url (website address e.g. and an email. Immediately a box will come up below with 'code' written in it. Copy this text on to your clipboard.

To add a ClustrMap to a 21classes blogportal you must login and click 'administration' to get to your dashboard. Under the tab "Layouts", click "More Options". Down the bottom of the page you will find "Buttons" - Click here. You will now have a window called upload button source code. Click the 'HTML" button and then copy the code into this box. Ensure that you have the drop down menu underneath on "Show this button on all portals and weblogs". It iwll take 24 hours to work.


Adding a ClustrMap to Edublogs is really easy. You just need to make sure you have activated the 'widget pack' in the plugins menu (find at top left of dashboard) then go into Design - widgets and click 'add' next to Clustrmaps. Set up your ClustrMap by clicking on Edit, adding your email address, clicking to agree to terms and conditions, and then click the Save Changes on the widget. For the widget to appear on your blog sidebar you must remember to click on Save Changes at the bottom of the Current Widget area after the changes to the widget have been saved.

Thanks to Sue Waters at theedublogger. Click link for more detailed steps on how to add a ClustrMap to edublogs.