Diigo is a bookmarking and social networking site. I use diigo to organise all of my bookmarks. The bonus is that it is online and can be accessed from any computer, anywhere. The other fantastic thing about diigo is that you can share bookmarks with groups. So, if you find a brilliant resource on, for example, numeracy you can share it with a group that may find it useful! Groups can be set up by you or you can join an existing group.

For example I belong to these groups:

So every time someone in one of these groups CHOOSES to share a site with others in the group I get an email with the link. I have also set up my own groups such as the Rakahuri Cluster so I can share links with my ICT cluster.

Diigo have also just released a new 'Teacher' option so you can set up your class as a group and share sites with them and vice versa.

Joining up is simple. You need a username and password. Make sure you also download the diigo toolbar. When you want to bookmark a site you click 'Bookmark' and this box appears:
As you can see, it gives you the option to make it private and to even share it on Twitter. You can write a description of the site. Tagging is really important and you usually get some choices underneath. You can add as many as you wish. Finally you can add it to a 'list'. I have made a range of lists that I bookmark to - Literacy, Numeracy, tools, whatever topic I am doing etc. You can then either save it or opt to share it with friends or a group.

The link will now be on your diigo homepage!