A personal or professional network is a community of learners created by an individual.

Why should you create one? I personally find my network essential for the experimentation and implementation of ICTs in my classroom. Having 'experts' on tap means that when I have questions, concerns or problems I can turn to my network for support. For example - I recently started using a Mac and whenever I am not sure about something I ask my network via Twitter and usually receive a reply in minutes!
It is also a great way to challenge and develop your ideas and philosophies about teaching and learning. I am able to have conversations with like-minded teachers that help to define my own teaching. It is also a great way to form collaborative relationships with other teachers. You can plan units of work together and even arrange reciprocal teaching and learning between classes.

I just don't have the time! - You can invest as little or as much time as you wish. I personally find that on the whole my network is a time-saver. Instead of spending hours trying to figure something out on my own - I can get help from people with the answers!

Educators have become increasingly interested in the value of PLNs and there is a lot of research being carried out. Below you will find some images complied by Sue Waters (an Australian educator) after compiling answers to a range of questions about PLNs.

Pics supplied by Sue Waters